Screen Time


In my day home I have decided to incorporate a policy of not having any DVD or TV time. For ages 4 and under it is extremely easy as we are so busy with the day to day activities, meals, snacks and naps that there isn’t any opportunity for TV time. I find having library books scattered around for their amusement works great especially during meal preparation and clean up and our bathroom break routine.


For the older children I have made sure I have age appropriate interesting books on hand and quiet activities that they are able to do independently and this helps amuse them for quiet time. Quiet time is usually after lunch for about an hour and a half.


MyPyramid has tips on limiting media time - “How Much Inactive Time Is Too Much” at


The AAP provides a description of the TV program­ming rating scale and tips for parents/guardians at


Our TV that is in the room where children are present only plays music from channel 411 which is children’s music or Christmas music. We don’t watch any television during the 7:30 am until 5:30 pm hours of operation. I do allow, with parent’s permission, television watching with school aged children but this typically occurs after our dinner.


I have age-appropriate books available for each child in my care. I have found this website really helpful "Reach Out and Read" at for more information.