Physcial Activity

Physical activity and movement are an essential part of the development, learning and growth of young children.


Therefore, I promote children’s active play every day. We run, climb, dance, skip and jump! I plan daily active play outdoors and games that promote movement and continuous opportunities to develop and practice age-appropriate gross motor and movement skills.


I have both Toddlers (twelve months to three years) and preschoolers (three to six years) in my care so I am able to be outdoors from 11 am until noon and 3:30 to 4:30 pm most days.


I like to take the children to my neighbourhood’s parks as the equipment is superb for gross motor skills. The parks are very close to my home and are an enjoyable walk. This outing usually takes place from 11 am until noon as the day is warm and the younger children have had their naps and in the afternoon we head out to my large back yard to play.


These outdoor times are curtailed somewhat during winter conditions. The goal is toddlers should be allowed 60 to 90 minutes and preschoolers should be allowed 90 to 120 minutes per an eight hour day.


It is very important that parents supply their children with appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Examples of appropriate clothing/footwear include:

1) Gym shoes or sturdy gym-shoe-equivalent;

2) Clothes for the weather, including heavy coat, hat, and mittens in the winter/snow; raincoat and/or boots for the rain; and layered clothes for climates in which the temperature can vary dramatically on a daily basis;


Examples of inappropriate clothing/footwear include:

1) Footwear that can come off while running or that provide insufficient support for climbing

2) Clothing that can catch on playground equipment (e.g. with drawstrings or loops).


If children wear “dress clothes” or special outfits that cannot be easily laundered, I encourage parents to save them for home use.  My goal is in providing physical activity during the day and I encourage you the parent to provide a set of clothes that can be used during these physical activities and are ok to get messy.


The other huge benefit to daily outdoor play is of course the light exposure of the skin to sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D that growing children require.

All activities are based on children's interests determined through daily observations.

Kimberlea Materi,
Aug 11, 2014, 1:44 PM