My Agency


After interviewing a number of agencies, I chose Calgary & Region Family Dayhomes Inc.



Their website is



I found they were a good match for me as we both have the same goal of providing high quality and professional care of your children!  


Advantages of Calgary & Region Family Dayhomes Inc.– from their website:


We are pleased to provide these efficient, professional services so you can have the peace-of-mind knowing your child will receive quality care. For a more detailed breakdown of our services, please see our "Glossary."


  1. Unique and fair fee schedule.
  2. Receipts for income tax purposes.
  3. Caregiver screening:
    - medical
    - emergency procedures
    - first aid & CPR
    - police clearance with vulnerable sector search & intervention record check
    - references
  4. Monthly monitoring
  5. Back-up care available
  6. 24 Hour phone support line
  7. Formalized child guidance policy
  8. Ongoing in-service training
  9. Provider locator map
  10. Government subsidy
  11. Culturally-sensitive providers
  12. Keeps siblings together.
  13. Flexible hours
  14. Evening & weekend care