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Meal Requirements


It is so important to ensure that those young picky eaters eat healthy! They are growing so quickly that their bodies need good sources of food energy regularly throughout the day! I have made it my policy to serve only healthy food options. 

I agree with Dr. Michael Aziz that "pesticides, hormones found in non-organic meat, and pollutants around us all act as gender benders" (2010, p.20). Dr. Aziz feels that pesticides disturb hormones such as insulin and cause havoc in our endocrine system.

As of September, 2013, I now purchase organic whole milk, free range eggs, organic yoghurt  organic fruit and vegetables when available. I avoid the dirty dozen (which is continually updated on and purchase the clean 15. I fry with organic coconut oil and use olive oil for salads and baking.

I serve only sprouted organic whole grain bread (Silver Hills' Mack's Flax) and I offer whole grains instead of white such as Catelli Healthy Harvest whole grain pasta  and brown rice instead of white. I sweeten baked goods with Agave instead of sugar. I don't offer foods with artifical colour or preservatives.

The lunches that I serve are home made meals packed with vegetables, whole grains and wholesome proteins. My favourite recipes are from “Loonie Spoons” and “Crazy Plates” their website is


As well as The Natural Gourmet by Cindy Panton-Goyert as she uses whole wheat in all her yummy recipes!!


Another great website my friend told me about is

It has great tips and recipes. I have made the cheese wafers and they are a delicious and healthy alternative to fish crackers!



I found an excellent website that helps me determine appropriate serving sizes and the following information can be found at: