Field Trips


I try to plan one field trip per week as this benefits the child’s development in so many ways. According to the Children's Health Education Center, field trips give children a welcome break in routine. Kids can look forward to and prepare for the field trip, spend the morning in a different environment. Learning in assorted ways can appeal to varied learning styles, helping children to succeed whether they are visual, auditory or kinetic learners.


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We generally leave my home at 10 am and return around noon or shortly after. I have a vehicle that holds four car seats so I drive to the Calgary Zoo, Calgary Science Centre, Butterfield Acres, Sikome Lake, Dinosaur Park, Vista Heights Park and many more places that the children wish to see. We usually have a picnic lunch during these trips. 

Parents sign a field trip form for each outing. Sometimes we meet other providers and their children which add to the whole experience.


It is understood that all outings are to be for the benefit of the children and NOT for my convenience. I will also:


1.     review all safety rules with the child/children prior to the trip,

2.     prepare the children as to where they will be going, what will happen there, who they will see and to whom they need to listen to,

3.     ensure the children are secure in the vehicle according to Alberta Highway Traffic Act,

4.     respect individual parent wishes.