Formalized Child Guidance Policy

Calgary Family Day Homes Agency has a Methods of Guidance form that is posted on my parent board at the front entrance.


I also am always reading any information I can get my hands on for information on child guidance. A provider in Sherwood Park showed me an excellent website that I have found very helpful.


It is


It is such a helpful site! Thank you Sharon!!  Great dialogue and stories and activities for toddlers too!  It has Parent Training Modules on Teaching Your Child to Identify and Express Emotions, Teaching Your Child About Feelings, Responding to Your Child’s Bite, and so much more!!

Methods of guidance are individual to each child's needs, cultural background, and stage of development. I provide the children with encouragement, peer problem solving, and/or redirection depending on the child's stage of development.


Please note that timeouts are not used in my day home.