I have journals that go home at the end of each day with the preschool aged children.


The intention of the journal is to assist in the coordination of care of the child between my day home and their home. It helps parents be informed on what and how much the child ate what their bathroom routine was and when they napped.


This is intended of course for preschoolers who can not communicate this information to their parent. It also highlights an activity that the child really enjoyed during the day.


It is a positive way to communicate goals met and strategies that were worked on and any other information that needs to be communicated for the benefit of the child.  


I always email the week’s plan to my parents by Sunday evening so that they are aware of the planned activities and meals.


I try to stick to the meal plan but if I run out of a particular food or a child sees the bananas on the counter and would like one, I exchange the food group accordingly. It is always in addition to or an equal exchange of quality of food and appropriate food group.


Parents are encouraged to call me in the evenings to discuss any concerns or ideas as I find pick up times very much harried and not perhaps appropriate to discuss with children listening. I find emails can be misinterpreted so I appreciate phone calls to discuss any concerns.